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Quarterly Inspections and Service Visits for Your Home 

Hester Painting & Decorating’s professional home maintenance division brings Chicagoland homeowners peace of mind through effective home maintenance solutions.

With so many different items to manage and tasks to consider, safe and effective home upkeep can be a challenge. That’s why Hester Home Maintenance now offers a quarterly service to take care of the many service items your home needs. We do this by employing a checklist of over 35 critical tasks that help ensure your home is successfully maintained and risk of disaster can be minimized. Just like a regular physical with your doctor, or the 3,000-mile oil change for your car, we provide the consistent care a home requires.

Why choose Hester Home Maintenance

We have nearly 50 years of experience helping Chicagoland area homeowners enhance their living spaces and better enjoy their homes. Leveraging this experience, we now offer the perfect solution for busy homeowners as well as older adults who aren’t looking to relocate and want to make sure their home is safe and effectively cared for.

“While some items are obvious, other tasks on the list may come as a surprise,” says Steve Hester of Hester Home Maintenance. “The bottom line is, we realized there is a growing need, and we wanted to provide a service that combines the Hester expertise and customer service with homeowner peace of mind.”

What is included in the Hester Home Maintenance checklist?

The 35 items include tasks that help prevent flooding, save money on utility bills, help prevent fires and keep you and your family safe. They cover commonly-overlooked items such as:

  • Checking the operation of your sump pump and water heater
  • Checking the weather stripping on your exterior doors
  • Cleaning and vacuuming dryer exhaust vents and kitchen hood vents
  • Changing batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Fill out the quick-form below to receive the complete list of over 35 tasks.

Locally owned and operated home maintenance contractor in Chicagoland

Hester Painting & Decorating has been serving the residents of Chicagoland for nearly 50 years. Our track record of success is due to in-depth knowledge, superior service and passion for our work. We are fully invested in our customers, bringing industry-leading expertise to every project. As a trusted local service provider, we are proud to offer this home maintenance division to further serve our long list of satisfied customers.

Get started with Hester Home Maintenance

To take advantage of this affordable home maintenance service, contact us at 847-677-5130 for a consultation, or fill out the form below. We will email you the entire checklist, plus send you a discount for your first year of service.