Commercial Painting

Healthcare Facilities

The atmosphere and environment of an indoor health care facility are critical to the productivity of the staff and the well-being of patients and visitors. You want your patients to feel as comfortable as they would at home. Create a happy, comfortable atmosphere starting with walls that surround your staff and patients. From x-ray machines to MRI machines and other medical equipment, there are hundreds of millions of dollars worth of machinery in healthcare facilities. Special coatings on the floors, ceilings and walls where these machines are located can help protect sterility and diagnostic equipment. Hester Commercial Painting has the tools, skills, and knowledge necessary not only to know the exact materials to use, but also to give proper advice on colors used to enhance healing.

Keeping a safe and sanitary facility is an on-going challenge for healthcare facilities, and Hester Commercial Painting can partner with you to meet these challenges. As a premier painting contractor for healthcare, we can apply a low VOC green paint, install RFP boards for wall protection, and supply wallcovering for a sharper look in your office.  We don't stop at walls and ceilings either - we can even add a coat to your floors. Non-porous antimicrobial floor coatings resist floating bacteria throughout the building.

Early in the morning to late at night, Hester Commercial Painting can take care of your needs at any time.

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