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Premier Home Maintenance Provider for Lake Forest, IL

Hester Painting & Decorating is the leading home maintenance provider for Lake Forest, IL. We know busy lifestyles can make proper home upkeep a challenge. That’s why we provide a detailed, quarterly service that covers all the bases. Our thorough checklist ensures your home remains well-maintained, while you enjoy peace of mind - and more free time.

Why choose Hester Home Maintenance for your Lake Forest, IL space?

Hester Home Maintenance holds a 99 percent Consumer Approval Rating from the Franklin Report. We also offer a 50-year established reputation for excellence in service. This track record of success has made us a top choice for homeowners throughout the Lake Forest, IL area. Our clients know they can trust us to deliver superior service, every time.

With our Home Maintenance division, we offer the perfect solution for homeowners. Are you too busy to keep up with maintenance tasks? Are some tasks too difficult? Whether you are an older adult who would like to remain in your home, or an overbooked adult who needs to free up some time, our quarterly maintenance team provides the ideal program for you.

Hester Painting & Decorating offers a complete line of homeowner services, including:

  • Home Maintenance – We provide an expert team to complete over 30 items each quarter, ensuring your home remains solid and secure.
  • Interior Painting – Let our professionals apply expert techniques to create impeccable surroundings you’ll love.
  • Faux & Decorative Finishing – We will transform you living space with designs that are unique and appealing to your tastes and lifestyle.
  • Exterior Painting & Staining – Our experts boost your curb appeal and market value with professional painting and glazing.
  • Wall Covering Installations – This process can be tricky for non-professionals. We install and remove wall coverings – without harming surfaces.
  • Decorative Finishing of Cabinets & Furniture – We can match odd furniture pieces to a set through refinishing, or update your older cabinetry for a gorgeous new look.

Locally owned and operated near Lake Forest, IL

Hester Painting & Decorating is proud to have served the residents of Lake Forest, IL for over 50 years. This picturesque town along the shore of Lake Michigan is a dynamic part of the Chicago metropolitan area. Is it known as one of the most scenic, historical and architecturally significant suburbs. We love working there, to take in the prairies, nature preserves and many gorgeous homes that make up this city. We look forward to continued partnerships with the homeowners here, to further the preservation of Lake Forest’s well-appointed neighborhoods.

For professional home maintenance services to preserve your Lake Forest, IL home contact tthe experts at Hester Decorating today: (847) 677-5130 or