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Leading Home Maintenance Contractor for Winnetka, IL

Hester Painting & Decorating is the premier home maintenance provider for Winnetka, IL. From the most critical home maintenance services to the most fundamental, we offer professional maintenance that brings homeowners complete peace-of-mind.

Why choose Hester Home Maintenance for your Winnetka, IL home?

At Hester Painting & Decorating, we know proper home upkeep can be a challenge. That’s why we take care of the to-do list, so you can simply enjoy your surroundings. The Hester Home Maintenance division is the perfect solution for busy homeowners as well as older adults who don’t want to move out of their homes. Our highly skilled team of professionals has earned a Consumer Approval Rating of over 99 percent satisfaction from the Franklin Report. With a 50-year track record of home improvement excellence, Hester Painting & Decorating is your go-to source for home maintenance in Winnetka, IL.

Hester Painting & Decorating offers a complete line of homeowner services for Winnetka, IL, including:

  • Home Maintenance – Our 30+ item checklist includes tasks that help prevent fires, save money on utilities, help prevent flooding and keep your family safe.
  • Interior Painting – Our experienced professionals are trained in industry-leading techniques to freshen your surroundings and create an interior you love.
  • Faux & Decorative Finishing – We can add a personal touch to your interior with unique designs and spaces.
  • Exterior Painting & Staining – Our painting and glazing boosts curb appeal and increases your home’s longevity.
  • Wall Covering Installations – With expert techniques, we install and remove wall coverings without harming surfaces.
  • Decorative Finishing of Cabinets & Furniture – Our technicians can update the look of your cabinets or lighten furniture to match other pieces.

Locally owned and operated near Winnetka, IL

For nearly 50 years, the experts at Hester Painting & Decorating have been providing superior services to the homeowners of Winnetka, IL. We are fully invested in our customers, bringing industry-leading expertise to every project. The discerning residents of this gorgeous city know they can trust our professionals to maintain the beauty of their homes. We enjoy partnering with Winnetka residents to preserve the exquisite architecture found throughout the city. These magnificent buildings have been featured in multiple films, including the memorable Home Alone house. We are proud to be the premier service provider for the more than 12,000 residents of this well-appointed town.

For professional home maintenance services to preserve your Winnetka, IL home contact the professionals at Hester Decorating today: (847) 677-5130 or