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Leading Chicago Painting Contractor for Common Areas and Corridor Renovations

Hester Painting & Decorating is the premier Chicago painting contractor for common area and corridors renovations. Our team of highly trained professionals applies industry-leading techniques to ensure your first impression offers warmth, welcome and beauty.

Why choose Hester Painting & Decorating

At Hester Painting & Decorating, we understand the vital importance of common areas. The corridors reception desk and common areas of your building can create instant appeal or immediate dislike. Fresh, well-maintained surroundings are key to generating the positive atmosphere you desire for your space. Our team leverages over 50 years of experience to create this appeal in your common areas.

Hester Painting & Decorating has been consistently recognized for these detailed efforts with multiple industry awards, including Make It Better Magazine’s Best of 2018: Best Interior Painter and Best Exterior Painter. We also hold a 99 percent Consumer Approval Rating with the Franklin Report. Our track record of success has made us the go-to source for painting and renovating common areas in office buildings, hotels, hospitals, and condominiums.

Hester Painting & Decorating offers a complete line of painting services for common area renovation:

  • Interior Painting – Whether you want an entirely new look for your common area or simply need some minor maintenance, our team is equipped with the tools and techniques to freshen your common area – without interfering with business operations.
  • Wall Covering Installations – Hester Painting & Decorating creates attractive common areas with silk, linen and vinyl specialty papers. Our work has been recognized by PDCA and other industry organizations for quality preparation and professional service.
  • Does your exterior need a fresh look, too? Hester Painting & Decorating also specializes in Exterior Painting. We keep your property in top shape inside and out for maximum appeal.

Locally owned and operated in Chicago, IL

Hester Painting & Decorating has been the go-to Chicago painting contractor for common area renovation since 1968. We’ve seen the Windy City undergo myriad changes, from new businesses, to new parks, to new transportation. Through the decades, one thing has remained the same: Hester Painting & Decorating’s unwavering commitment to superior service. Our team is proud to be part of the continued appeal of this great city, as we help keep Chicago’s properties looking sharp. We consider it a privilege to partner with property owners of Chicago and look forward to continued relationships with this community for generations to come.

Enhance your surroundings with services from the leading Chicago painting contractor for common area renovation. Contact tthe professionals at Hester Painting & Decorating today: (847) 677-5130 or